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Best VPS For Torrenting

If you want to rent a VPS specifically for torrenting, you’ll find it hard to find a vendor that explicitly allows it. With most server providers torrenting is excluded in their terms and conditions, because they do not want to get any legal problems. If you still risk it with such a provider, you have to live with the possible consequences – at least that the server will get switched off immediately.

What you can do, however, is to use one of the services that specialize in this. I.e. there are cloud torrent providers where you can simply log in and download. Since a VPS would cost just as much as a cloud torrent service, you can rent the latter and stay on the safe side.

Here are some tips if you still want to mange to setup your own virtual server for torrenting:

Using Linux Server as Torrent Seed Box

Using a server as a seedbox for torrents makes perfect sense – after all, the server is (ideally) on 24/7 and connected to the net. But first a few things to consider before you have any problems:

torrenting activity

  • The server should have enough traffic (or best of all a traffic flat), so it should be “unmetered”. Some providers charge GB-wise after exceeding the inclusive traffic. This can be expensive. How much traffic you need in the end depends on how many torrents you seed, how popular they are, where the server is located, how big the files are, whether you have set a maximum upload speed, how many leachers / peerers the server is allowed to seed / peer at the same time, etc.
  • Of course, the provider may not have anything against it. With VPSDime, for example, you are not allowed to host public torrents. So read the AUP (Acceptable use policy) first!
  • Depending on what you seed there and whether it is so completely legal, the provider should be chosen accordingly. Some providers already close a site because you only have a hosting package and no files should be offered for download on it, other providers don’t care what is hosted there – the main thing is that the money is right. If you “suck” something that might be less legal, you will notice that many Seeds / Peers have a Russian IP, so the PC or server is also there. Just as a tip if you are looking for a suitable location yourself…
  • Torrents have become a very tricky thing with less allowed content. Suction is one thing, but hosting is another… Rather think twice whether you want to support a project, harm a manufacturer, support the reverse engineers / crackers, keep the Warez scene alive, do something for the “general public” or whatever you want to do a torrent seeden.

vps for torrenting

Top 10 Torrent-Clients For P2P Filesharing


A well-known Bittorrent client for peer-to-peer file sharing in Germany that can transfer and distribute large amounts of data. It overcomes the limitations of traditional downloading, which uploads and downloads multiple parts of a large file at the same time.
Disadvantages also with distributed track: Even with distributed trackers, a third party is still required to find a specific torrent file. BitTorrent has a plus version that you have to pay for to unlock more features.


A slim, efficient and above all the most popular torrent client in German for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android, developed by BitTorrent, Inc. This Bittorrent client is free but financed by advertising.
Disadvantages: Unfortunately, this German torrent client is full of advertising, contains adware in the form of conduit engine, which is installed without user consent toolbar and standard search engine changes.


A multi-functional and multi-network-enabled file sharing client for Windows systems only. This German torrent client supports gnutella, Gnutella2 (G2), eDonkey, BitTorrent, FTP, HTTP and HTTPS network protocols and magnet links, eD2K links, etc. Note that the Bittorrent client Shareaza has some basic content filters, including a forced filter against child and optional adult pornography, including vr porn websites and  new forms as ar sex and some other optional filters, such as a filter against Digital Rights Management (DRM) loaded files.

Vuze (formerly “azureus”)

A free German torrent client that helps you to find and download files from the Internet. It is one of the most comprehensive BitTorrent clients for Windows or Mac, has comparatively many resources.

Disadvantages: Vuze contains adware. Please pay attention to the installation and refuse to install any additional software you do not need.


A free, fast and easy to use Bittorrent client just for Windows, which claims to accelerate the download speed more than 5 – 10 times faster.
Disadvantages: Adware is installed together. There are also common bugs such as program lock-ups, slow PC performance, system crashes, startup and shutdown problems, installation errors and hardware failure.


A free open source Torrent client in German. With FrostWire you are able to exchange files, including videos, songs, documents, and so on. In addition, this Bittorrent client supports downloading multiple files simultaneously.

Disadvantages: This software also comes with advertising.


A well-known torrent client for various operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, has large amount of users on the Internet. With a fast server it is possible to exchange and download files quickly.

Disadvantages: This German Bittorrent client does not support automatic encryption.


With this free torrent client you are able to download and distribute all kinds of files, including pictures, music, videos and documents with others. It also has a German version, is easy to use and well configurable.

Disadvantages: This Bittorrent client only supports Windows operating systems.

Lime Wire

LimeWire is a torrent client freeware for the Gnutella network and platform independent. With this Bittorrent client in German you can quickly download large BitTorrent files. This includes audio, images, videos, documents and software.

eMule MorphXT

This torrent client is a modification of eMule, also supports the language German. Compared to eMule the upload and download speed is improved. Furthermore, a clearer user interface is available.


How to use BitTorrent – Beginners Guide

BittorrentIf you’ve never used BitTorrent yet (the client we personally prefer) – here is a small guide to using BitTorrent.

Instructions for BitTorrent novices

Linked torrent files that can be found on the net are never the movie or the music or any other digital content itself, but just small placeholder files, a kind of bookmark.

The .torrent file and the client

The file with the extension “.torrent” has to be opened with a BitTorrent client (own program) to load the movie/ music/ whatever onto your own computer. An overview of such (free) programs for all platforms can be found here, for example, I myself currently use Vuze (PC and Mac), but test µTorrent (PC and Mac), which Christoph recommends and which is much “slimmer” than Vuze, which now comes along as a full-grown media center. Of course there are also lots of clients for Linux.

If you have a BitTorrent client installed on your computer, you open the torrent file downloaded for the movie/music/ whatever. After a few seconds or even minutes, the client starts to download the movie and searches for all other BitTorrent users on the Internet who already have the movie completely or partially on their hard drive.

This creates a network of many individual users of this one file (a peer-to-peer network) who move individual fragments of the entire file back and forth until at some point the complete movie/music reaches everyone.

So as soon as you have the first fragments of a file on your own computer, you are both up- and downloader, searcher and provider in a BitTorrent network at the same time.

The exchange of information, who has what and how much of it, runs via a tracker, this software runs on a server in the network, so not on your own computer, you don’t have to worry about it as a user.

Speed, Seeder and Leecher

The speed of the download varies – the more users offer the file at the same time, the faster the download becomes. Should it be very slow in the beginning: Don’t despair, the network takes a while, the speed usually increases in a short time.

So it’s nice to let the BitTorrent client run for a while even after the download is finished, so that others can benefit from it. Finally it is called “File Sharing”: Share files.

The download of a good quality movie, for example, can take 10 minutes, but also several days, depending on how popular and therefore available the file is. The client usually provides statistical information. Users who offer the complete file are called “seeders”, those who don’t have the whole file yet are called “leechers”.

In some BitTorrent search engines, you can estimate whether a download will be fast or slow by looking at the number of seeders and leeches displayed.

Legal and Security

Using a BitTorrent client is completely legal and you don’t have to worry about legal files like the one described here. BitTorrent downloads can, however, be illegal if they are, for example, copyrighted material or if they are at least in a legal grey area. Therefore: Know what you’re doing!

The unwanted access to one’s own hard disk, the danger of unwanted offering of one’s own existing music or film library does not exist with BitTorrent, but one should nevertheless take a closer look at the program and the technology. It can never hurt if you halfway know what’s happening and what you’re doing.

This also applies to the torrent files themselves. As in every “scene”, there is a language of its own that describes the quality of a file in the file name, for example, trustworthy and dubious providers, and of course fake files that are not what they pretend to be circulate. Malware, viruses and phishing or espionage programs can also spread via BitTorrent.

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