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Best Counter Strike VPS Hosting

cs vserverCounter-Strike:Global Offensive was developed by Hidden Path Entertainment in collaboration with Valve and was released on August 21, 2012. The game was released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac and PC. The game is an online tactical shooter. Players need to focus on cleverly eliminating their opponents through tactical action.

You can participate either in an anti-terror or a terror unit. No matter for which side you will fight, both are all about the distribution or execution of orders.

The word team is taken very seriously in CS:GO, so it’s not surprising that players who don’t communicate with their team won’t be very successful.

For this reason it makes sense to book an inexpensive TeamSpeak 3 server in addition to an inexpensive CS:GO server to ensure uninterrupted communication with your team.

On this page you will find the best CS:GO VPS offers, which we can recommend after our own tests. All game servers in our comparison go online immediately after payment.

Top VPS Hosting Providers for Game Hosting:

Instant Game Hosting Plans
3-day Money Back Guarantee
"Excellent" on Trustpilot
  • max RAM: 12 GB
  • max CPU: 4 @ 4.2GHz+
  • Max Slots*: 100+
  • max Storage: n.a.- enough!
from $5.00/mo
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Instant Game Hosting Plans
Huge Amount of Games
  • max RAM:16 GB
  • max CPU: 10
  • max Storage: 300 GB
  • max Slots*: 100+
from $5.50/mo
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okay for certain games
  • max RAM: 32 GB
  • max Bandwidth: 10 TB
  • max CPU: 8
  • max Storage: 500 GB
from $2.25/mo
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Instant Game Hosting Plans
Great Price-Performance Ratio
  • max RAM: 16 GB
  • max CPU: 4
  • @ HPGS 5.0GHz+
  • Max Slots*: 100+

Specialized High Performance
  • max RAM: 24 GB
  • max Bandwidth: 5 TB
  • max CPU: 24
  • max Storage: 250 GB
from $20.00/mo
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So far only specialized
in Minecraft VPS
  • max RAM: 15 GB
  • max Bandwidth: 20 TB
  • max CPU: 4 @ 4.2GHz
  • max Slots: 135
from $4.50/mo
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GPU can be added to droplets
extremely scalable
  • max RAM: 192 GB
  • max Bandwidth: 12 TB
  • max CPU: 32
  • max Slots: 135
from $5.00/mo
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*The amount of slots depends on the game.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive VPS Hosting

Until today Counter-Strike has a very big fanbase, so you won’t lack players on your CS:GO VPS. On your own vServer you can easily customize everything according to your preferences and ideas. Play new weapons, characters and maps on your VPS. The popular maps have been significantly improved meanwhile. In addition, some new features such as matchmaking, leaderboards, game modes and more have been introduced.

Dedicated Server (SteamCMD)

Especially for a LAN a dedicated server is a must! On your own server you can install and set up many different game modes, like Deathmatch, GunGame etc. This brings variety and increases the joy of playing! Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to download, install and configure your own server. The service is provided free of charge by Steam, but only works with an original and current game version!

Our CO:GO VPS comparison shows you at a glance where you can rent an inexpensive server without compromising on performance. All servers we are listing offer full mod support, a very high quality, full DDoS protection and a very good price-performance ratio. By simply setting up a gamer VPS, you can get started in just a few minutes.

Requirements for a Counter Strike VPS:

  • Minimum 2 GB of RAM, 2CPUs and 40 GB Space
  • Steam Account (get gameserver token)

Steam gameserver token for dedicated servers:

For setting up a CS:GO server, you need to get a gameserver token from Steam. You simply need to login and create such a server account token:

Here are some details on the token creation:

Requirements for server account:

    • only possible with active and unrestricted Steam-Account
    • Account must be linked to registered smartphone
    • Steam account must be in possession of the game for which a game server account is to be created.

(one Steam account may create 1000 game server accounts)

Create server account token:
– Enter game ID (730 for CS:GO)
– Enter memo text (only visible in own account)

get steam game server token

Create CS:GO Server on Linux VPS

Creating a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Server on a Linux server is not a big deal.

On Linux it only takes a little more than a handful of steps. Each of these steps is pretty simple.

Step 1: Create a new user, assign a password to the user and a directory.
Step 2: Log in with the created user, create a directory for the game server and download the HLDS Update Tool. The latter is necessary to install the game server.
Step 3: Start SteamCMD. All required files will be installed. Then you are in the Steam window where you can log in.
Step 4: Login – if you use SteamCMD to manage other players who need a login, please use your login data.
As login data you have to enter your STEAM login data. If you have SteamGuard active, you will get an error message in the console as well as a mail from Valve with the Guard code.
Step 5: Download the game server
Step 6: Use screen so the server doesn’t stop when you stop putty

Here is the long version of this Step-by-Step guide with all Linux commands.

Create CS:GO Server on Windows VPS

If you need some guidance with a CS:GO Windows server setup, this page with detailed instructions might be helpful for you.

Also check the specific CS server guidelines stated on the counter strike website.

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