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  • $500 in Extras
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 30 Days Money Back
  • Great variety of plans
  • Experienced company
  • Top Price-Performance Ratio
  • VPS Offers hidden in homepage footer
  • Money Back Guarantee not for all plans
Linux, Windows
  • 1GB RAM - 1CPU - 40GB SSD - 1TB BW
  • 4GB RAM - 2CPU - 90GB SSD - 3TB BW
  • 8GB RAM - 4CPU - 120GB SSD - 4TB BW
  • 1GB RAM - 1CPU - 25GB SSD - 1TB BW
  • 2GB RAM - 1CPU - 50GB SSD - 2TB BW
  • 3GB RAM - 1CPU - 75GB SSD - 3TB BW
  • 4GB RAM - 1CPU - 100GB SSD - 4TB BW
  • stepwise up to
  • 16GB RAM - 4CPU - 400GB SSD - 16TB BW
Root, cPanel
Root, cPanel
1 to 2 IPs included, Free 1yr. domain reg., $100 Adwords offer, $100 Bing ad credtis
1 Dedicated IP, 24/7 hotline, Cloud Remote Backup Service
Price From:
$ 19.99 / mo
$ 6.00 / mo
Server Locations:
iPage presents itself as a quality hosting company, providing different types of services to complement their customers’ tools so they can access the configurations they need to maintain their projects. The company Web Hosting was created in 1998. Soon it was sold and acquired by Group International EIG, a company that owns other hosting […] View Ipage for VPS Details »
Interserver is a webhosting provider that can easily compete with other big players on the market. We’ve got an eye on it due to their great price-performance ratio. The company was founded in 1999 by high school students whose aim was to create a hosting service at low prices yet maintaining a high level service. […] View Interserver for VPS Details »
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