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Best Free VPS Server

Free web hosting services for popular CMS scripts such as WordPress, Drupal & Joomla are easy to find, but support for a single subdomain or username on a third-party platform is often limited. Many web hosting companies are willing to offer free hosting services to reputable charities or online activist groups. Free hosting of images, videos and music is common with the social networking model, which can also be built into websites.

Free blog hosting is another central aspect of social networking, video hosting & micro-blogging, but all these companies turn content into money with advertising. Most companies with free hosting display ads on every page or video display, but not many really share the advertising revenue with their customers. This balanced advertising on the pages is the main feature of free hosting business models where most companies take a sub-domain approach to customer account content management.

Free Test vServer

Just a few years ago vServer was a professional product, nowadays the offer of these servers has become a mass market. Some vendors even offer free test vServers. What advantages do free vServers offer over classic web space and when should you rather use a normal web space? We have gained experience with free vServers, which we would like to pass on to you.

A free virtual server (called vServer for short) represents a complete server environment, without requiring a separate, real existing server (host) for each vServer.

dedicated serversSeveral vServers are simulated on a powerful host using appropriate hardware and software techniques. This has the advantage that each customer has an independent system, but the existing hardware can be used more effectively than with a dedicated server.

A vServer is allocated pro rata resources of the host machine for this purpose. In recent years, the interest in vServers has increased so much that today one can even gain experience with free vServer offers (e.g. based on Xen).

Every vServer needs a complete operating system, here you have the choice of different software like Windows or Linux. Individual server services must also be installed and managed separately.

For example, web servers to display Internet pages or mail servers to ensure communication via email. Therefore, experience has shown that free vServers require more storage space and configuration options than comparable shared hosting.

Basically it can be said: A free vServer is suitable for all those who already have experience with vServers and need the full flexibility of their own root environment (e.g. for special services like Teamspeak servers, game servers or other individual applications).

However, the free VServer only remains free during the test period.

If, on the other hand, it is just a matter of hosting a homepage, a simple, classic webspace is often better. If the resources are not sufficient for a highly frequented website or a performance-hungry web application, then you should resort to a dedicated server.

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