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Reasons for Anonymous Hosting or Not Wanting to Provide

This article is about how to run a VPS anonymously without using real data at any point. Because that’s what it all comes down to, with anonymity. From the order to the payment to the imprint (if needed) of the site, nowhere should your real data appear, only then you can talk about an anonymous website or an anonymous web hosting. How this works, you will learn now.

Anonymous VPS hosting is usually equated with illegality and anyone who uses such a thing is a criminal or has dark intentions!

That is not quite true. There are various reasons for an anonymous website or an anonymous virtual server:

The most obvious reason is privacy. Not everyone wants to reveal everything about themselves or be associated with their website, not even towards the hosting provider. Especially when topics like politics, religion, sexual orientation or similar are involved.

Which brings us to the second reason, freedom of speech. Western countries are usually a free country where everyone can freely express his or her opinion, at least that’s what you would think. But in many places there are limits to this for the citizens.

Warnings are the third reason. Operators of large and small websites are equally affected, the slightest “offence” is punished with immense fines.
Fear of acts of revenge. Whoever draws attention to grievances and injustices, in most cases steps on someone’s feet. Anonymity can protect you from acts of revenge. If not even your hosting company knows who you are, they can never forward your personal information to anybody.

There are many reasons to use an anonymous vServer or an anonymous website. Now that the reasons have been clarified, let’s move on to the practical part.

How is it possible that some Hosters provide accounts without ID verification

In every country the legislation is somewhat different. However, web hosters usually require you to register with your name and address and there are no anonymous payment options. So at the latest when paying, there is a clearly traceable connection to the tenant of a VPS or other hosting package, although you might have used a false name.

In addition, there are countries where hosters are obliged to carry out an ID check if the customer comes from abroad. For example, if you want to get a VPS or a normal web hosting from a US-American hosting company, you have to send your Photo ID to the customer support when you register, only then you can make the payment and use the service.

However, there are also countries where this doesn’t seem to be the case. And those are the places to go when it comes to VPS hosting without ID verification.

The degree of anonymity depends on the availability of cryptocurrency payments or not. But meanwhile more and more internet companies such as hosting providers offer crypto payments which makes anonymous hosting possible. If you just don’t want to provide your photo ID for some reason but are fine with Paypal payments, then there is a little more choice.

The 2 Best VPS Hosting Companies without ID Check


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