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Best Cheap Cloud Server Comparison

Inexpensive Entry-Level Server For Websites And Small Shops With Vouchers And Discounts

Cheap server rent, in our price comparison you will find the perfect server for your hosting with discounts and vouchers.

The entrance into a server Hosting does not have to be expensive, with many hosting companies one can rent also already favorable beginner servers. In our price comparison one finds an overview to very inexpensive offers of the hosting provider which are suitable for beginners and professionals but do not cost much. The beginner servers mostly offer the same features as larger systems and are suitable for smaller websites or shops.

From time to time there are also special offers or discount campaigns with vouchers at the cloud hosting provider with which you can really save. In our comparison, everyone can rent very cheap servers.

How Can Cloud Servers Be So Cheap ?

cheap cloud serverThese inexpensive servers are often offered virtualized to be able to offer a favorable price. But also small dedicated systems are offered at very low prices. The hardware then often corresponds to a somewhat older generation, or the hosting provider want to offer their stocks cheaply so that the servers are not empty.

The virtual servers are often not worse than dedicated servers, because the resources are exclusively made available to the customer and not like with a server several customers access the hard disk or the Ram at the same time. Usually only the CPU is divided between several customers and each server is then assigned its CPU Cores Exclusiv. The Ram is also fixed to avoid conflicts with other servers on the host system.

More and more hosters are offering these servers with root access, which is because the hardware is becoming more powerful. Today’s server systems often have several cores and a lot of Ram can be installed. For a single customer these servers are much too big. The hosters then divide these servers into small packages which allows advantages for the cloud hosting provider and low prices for the customer.

The hoster saves space which he has to buy quite expensive in the data center and the customer gets cloud cheap servers without having to do without performance.

What Are The Advantages Of Virtual Servers ?

Virtual servers are an optimal solution for projects that start anew. You can start small and adapt the demand according to growth. Often websites or online shops have very few visitors at the beginning, but this can change quickly if the project slowly becomes known. Mostly the resources on a webspace where hundreds of customers are hosted are not enough anymore and you would have to move the project.

With a cloud server, most cloud hosters can simply book additional CPU cores or expand the disk space and ram. The web or the servers do not have to be moved, a restart of the server is usually sufficient and the resources are then available.

Also at the inexpensive server features such as domains, web interface and backup solutions are offered, but you usually have to book these in addition. Also with the choice of the operating system one can often select between different Linux servers or Windows servers. If you want to start small you should rent a virtual server that can be dynamically extended.

Are There Also Disadvantages With Cheap Cloud Server Offers ?

Cheap servers don’t have to be worse than more expensive offers. But the market is hotly contested and the hosting provider sometimes offer the cheap servers at impossible prices. One should pay attention with a virtual server to which virtualization is used. Cloud hosting services that rely on OpenVZ overbook their servers very often. Even though you can do this with any virtualization, OpenVZ is designed to host as many customers as possible on the hardware. This is often at the expense of performance.

Even if in this day and age with all the rating portals, hardly any hoster still offers poor performance, there are still some black sheep that overload your system. A tip here are the game server hosters. Game servers consume a lot of power, where these servers run without problems you can also rent your server for other projects without hesitation. Mostly we used here a virtualization over KVM or QEMU.

With cheap dedicated servers often older hardware is used which has already a few days on the hump. This usually does not stop the performance, but you should expect that there are already the one or other failure due to hardware problems. Who attaches importance to security should therefore pay attention to make regular backups.

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