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Best Cloud PBX Services

Flexible, cost-effective, scalable at will and seamlessly integrable into business processes: these are the central advantages of the telecommunications system of the future, which will be operated in the cloud with Voice-over-IP (VoIP). However, German companies are still hesitant. They are concerned about security and voice quality.

cloud PBXCloud computing is conquering the world. What began as an innovative delivery model in the software industry, in which applications were no longer installed locally in the company’s own network but operated in the public cloud, has now dramatically changed the way people deal with information technology.

Google Search in the private and in the business environment – both solutions were launched in the late 1990s – are considered the first applications to be offered as SaaS. Now you can get business applications for every department from the cloud.

But SaaS was just the beginning. With Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Internet pioneer has abolished entire data centers in companies and made the term “IaaS” (Infrastructure as a Service) popular. With the introduction of Internet-based development platforms such as Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure, Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), or Heroku, which make the operation of their own application servers superfluous, the term “PaaS” (Platform as a Service) has emerged.

At the same time, fax machines in the office are increasingly being replaced by online fax services, DVD players by video streaming services like Netflix, and audio systems and CDs by cloud services such as Simfy or Spotify.

The Telephony Of The Future For Hotels, Call Centers And Many Other Companies

phoneNow it’s time for the good old telephone system. The telephony of the future is called “Cloud TK” or “Hosted PBX” (Private Branch Exchange) or “IP-Centrex”. Analog telephone systems and ISDN systems, which are located somewhere in the basement and operated by the companies themselves, are replaced by virtual telephone systems in the cloud. The principle is quite simple:

All the functions of a standard PBX are hosted in the data center of a specialized service provider and made available via the Internet. At the same time, the service provider assumes full responsibility for operation, maintenance and updates. Business customers only need a conventional DSL connection. The system is managed centrally via a web application and does not require any special know-how. Here, for example, the settings can be configured or call lists of missed or answered calls can be viewed.

The decisive factor here is that the virtual PBX promises the voice quality that users are accustomed to with ISDN telephones and is itself connected to the conventional telephone network. In contrast to the classic model, the connection between telephone and telephone system no longer consists of a telephone cable, but of an Internet connection. Telephone calls are digitized by the IP telephones and transmitted via the company network and the broadband data line to the service provider’s computer center, where they are then transferred to the public telephone network.

What Do Virtual PBXs Offer?

The main advantages of virtual PBXs are basically those that make cloud computing more and more popular among business users: cost savings and transparency, scalability, the elimination of expensive hardware investments, no maintenance, high reliability and flexibility, future-proofing through continuous updates by the providers and the possibility for the company to focus on its core competencies by outsourcing less critical business processes.

call centerIn addition to these fundamental advantages, cloud TC solutions offer an innovative and broad range of services that go far beyond the usual functions of a classic private branch exchange, such as call toggling, group calls or call diversion. For example, the central cloud system can be accessed from any location (in the office, home office, on the road or at the customer’s premises) and with different end devices (corded or digital telephones, computers with softphones or headsets, or mobile phones and smartphones).

The comprehensive range of services offered by modern cloud telecommunication services also includes interesting “nice-to-have” features such as voice mail, electronic fax (Mail2Fax and Fax2Mail), individual music on hold and queues, telephone conferences as well as the option of seamlessly integrating telephony into business applications such as ERP or CRM systems.

High Flexibility Thanks To “Fixed Mobile Convergence

cloud serverOne of the most innovative features offered by many Cloud-TK providers is “Fixed Mobile Convergence”. FMC stands for the convergence of fixed and mobile networks. With such a solution, companies can integrate their employees’ smartphones into the cloud system and use them as a fully-fledged extension. The “One Number” concept applies, which means that employees can also use their office number to make mobile phone calls and only use one end device, usually a mobile phone, for fixed and mobile telephony.

In today’s business world, where mobile computing and the associated mobility of employees are becoming increasingly important, the advantages that FCM brings with it can be decisive for the use of cloud telephony. Employees who work in the home office or at the customer’s premises or who are on business trips are not only free of charge, but also much easier to reach. In addition, they do not need their own mobile phone contract with their own basic fee, which in turn leads to further cost savings.

Even employees staying abroad can be reached via their own fixed network number. And if an Internet connection is available at the location abroad, the employee can also make mobile phone calls without incurring expensive roaming charges. In addition, the connection should be more secure than with Skype & Co.

Cloud PBX Providers For Small Businesses and Enterprises

In principle, a cloud solution offers many advantages over a classic telephone system. Various providers have established themselves on the market, but they differ from each other in detail. The options and features provided by the operators in our portfolio are explained below.

Vonage Business – One Net Business: A Complete Solution

First of all, we demonstrate the added value of Vonage with One Net Business, which has heralded the era of cloud telephony since last year. The customer pays EUR 2.95 per extension in the basic rate, including mobile phone integration. Broadsoft serves as the platform for the cloud solution. The Managed Service variant offers small and medium-sized businesses a carefree life with Vonage as a single point of contact for all corporate communications and its own 24/7 customer service team. Mobile phone integration at the network level is a major advantage here.

Visit Vonage.

8×8 – Digital Phone: High Telephony Costs? No Problem.

The Digital Phone cloud system from 8×8 is also a very good solution for companies in which both internal and external communication are of great importance. Due to the flat rate for landlines and mobiles within Germany included in the rate, calls can be made at a fixed price. This is a decisive cost factor for companies that generate a high volume of telephony. Digital Phone is offered on the basis of the Nfon platform.

This solution offers over 160 functions in a TK system (queues, conferences, time control). The basic package with 5 licenses costs $49 including Flat with 24 months contract duration and is thus a genuine price racket. As with all hosted systems, self-administration is also possible here. Particularly delightful thereby: The updates are lifelong free of charge inclusive.

Viisit 8×8.

Another Alternative: 3CX – A System For Special Applications!

All settings can be changed via the Internet in a user-friendly way. Even non-professionals can easily add or remove extensions, home offices and terminals with a mouse click. Another advantage is that you can add 3 terminals per extension (mobile phone, computer application and one additional device).

The extension costs $8,80. The minute prices start from 1.1 Cent. Flats can be booked for all extensions as well as additional services as required. There is no minimum contract term for the licenses, which makes it particularly easy to get started.

The biggest difference, however, is that the system manages different special solutions (the have special cloud pbx solution for hotels, one for call centers and much more). For companies with special applications, this is a monetary advantage.

Visit 3CX.

MegaPath: A Full-Managed Solution

The provider MegaPath is completely new on the market – the Centrex solution was only launched in July 2017. MegaPath stands out above all because of its full-managed solution. This enables customers like hotels or call centers to have MegaPath manage settings, configurations and new connections of individual terminals completely. All that is required is a notification to the provider with the request for a change, who will then take over the setup. This service is valid for the entire term and is included in the service portfolio. The extension costs $8.50.

Visit MegaPath.

RingCentral: The Classic

The classic among the Centrex systems is RingCentral’s main cloud pbx product. With this solution, licenses can either be booked separately or as a package with hardware. The prices depend on which phones the customer chooses. The choice is very large. RingCentral has a leasing model, which has the advantage that no one-time high investment in the end devices is required.

Prices start at $5.50 for a 36-month term, not including the end device. In addition, the prices are fixed for the term (up to 60 months) – the longer the term, the higher the discounts.

The minute prices are billed to the second and the customer calls the country network for 1 cent. Within RingCentral, the customer makes calls free of charge, like within the hotel. Due to the large number of options and combinations, it is possible to respond precisely to customer needs. Locations in Germany and abroad can be linked in a single system. The advantage of this is that the customer can also always make free calls to his branches abroad.

Visit RingCentral.

Conclusion – Future-Proof Technology From The Cloud

Cloud PBX For Hotels, Call Centers And Other Businesses – ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE

  • Future-proof IP-based connection and telephone system from the cloud
  • Full scalability for all enterprise sizes
  • Fair price model: you only pay for the service you use
  • Maximum flexibility through tariff and workplace options tailored to requirements
  • Complete integration of mobile end devices into the workplace
  • Convenient administration and configuration via web portal
  • Always up to date thanks to automatic software updates
  • Hosting in highly secure Telekom data centers in Germany

The All-Round Communication Talent

A Business Cloud PBX provides all the functions of a professional telephone system from the network – saving investment and operating costs. With MagentaEINS Business Integration, the mobile phone becomes a fully-fledged extension. Workplaces and features can be booked and configured comfortably on-line. A Flatrate for fixed net calls within Germany as well as in 18 further countries is inclusive in the basis package. Additional flat and budget rates for calls to mobile networks can be added flexibly.
Telephone system from the cloud with:

  • IP-based connection with extension or individual numbers
  • Excellent HD speech quality
  • Internet access
  • Preferred business service around the clock also on weekends incl. guaranteed fault clearance within a maximum of 8 hours
  • Mobile phone as fully-fledged extension (integration of SIM card)
  • Parallel Ringing
  • Only one phone number for office and on the way
  • Internal company calls free of charge
  • Assistant function
  • Group function
  • Conference
  • Mobile Client
  • Speech dialog system
  • Call control of unused phone numbers
  • placement workplace

Is A Cloud PBX Solution Right For Your Business?

Make it easy for yourself: With our key questions, you can quickly determine whether our Cloud PBX is appropriate for your authority or your company. Please open our checklist below and answer the few questions:

Have you answered several questions positively? Then it is worth sending the document to us at the push of a button. We would be happy to contact you for a personal consultation.

Benefits For Companies With Multiple Locations

Easy integration of all locations (main location, branches) in a cloud PBX

  • Cost reduction potential: No investment in local telephone systems
  • Free calls between all enterprise locations of a customer’s cloud PBX
  • Simple, cross-location management of all workstations via the self-administration portal
  • Uniform service level
  • On request: cross-location call number plan and uniform address book for all locations

How Can You Operate A Cloud PBX?

Desktop Client

To use your telephone system from the network via your PC, it is necessary to install desktop client software. This allows you to make calls on your computer, chat with colleagues, manage your presence status and use other functions and services.

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