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Best Quickbooks Hosting

On this page you will find the best web hosters for Quickbooks hosting. We’ve looked around the market to find the best hosting packages for hosting your own accounting software on an external server so you can access it from everywhere remotely. Among other things, the trustworthiness of the hosting company is important because we’re talking about the external storage of personal financial data.

Moving to a hosted solution will make your business accounting software more efficient.

Dedicated Quickbooks Hosting

Dedicated QuickBooks Desktop Hosting provides you with a dedicated, centralized access point to keep your data secure and available 24×7 from anywhere. Easily manage your billing, accept payments, track expenses, and keep your accounting up to date on tax dates. QuickBooks Desktop Hosting is a service that some hosting providers offer to accountants and accounting professionals.

Hosted QuickBooks servers have many advantages over traditional QuickBooks usage. Hosting your QuickBooks application in the cloud can save you time and reduce your headaches.

A hosted server allows you to use all your other tools on a consolidated platform in addition to your tax application. So all your related data, software, tools are always available to you, whenever you need them or wherever you are.

Access from any web-enabled device, avoids synchronization problems between cloud and PC.

Quickbooks softwareUse Cloud Hosted QuickBooks on all your devices, wherever you go during the day. From iPad, iPhone or Android device. There’s no need to sync your data via your computers.

Always perfectly suited to the needs of your business: Start with the tools you need today and simply add more features and computing power as your needs change.

Getting more done during the day due to your external QuickBooks cloud hosting.

Managed Quickbooks Hosting

With a fully managed QuickBooks Desktop Hosting, you’ll be rid of the worries of any PC-related problems by connecting to your data over the Internet to the Citrix Web interface or to the Windows Remote Desktop.

There is no need to install or maintain any version of QuickBooks on any of your PCs. Compared to the Intuit online services, managed Quickboosks hosting allows you to run multiple versions of QuickBooks on the same server and use any third-party plug-ins at no additional cost.

With the managed hosting solution, you can also install any additional application on your server for free. To ensure that the software installation is completed according to system requirements, the hosting provider will help you with the correct implementation.

With cloud hosting, your critical business data is always as close as the next Internet connection, but as secure as your online bank account.

100% Customized Setup For Any Business Size

doing paperwork digitallyYour host will set up your hosted QuickBooks Server so that the accountant or company owner can see and change all data, employees have full or limited access according to the accountant’s specifications, and customers are limited to seeing and using only their own data. According to your requirements, your hosting provider will install and activate all additional software and tools on the same server. The QuickBooks Cloud Hosted platform supports multiple versions of QuickBooks or any other application at no additional cost.

Daily Cloud QuickBooks data backup

Good hosters perform daily backups to ensure the integrity of your data. They even keep the backup data in three different locations so that users’ critical business data is always secure and reliable. So if there are any problems with current files or data, users can ask to restore the last executable copy from the backup.

Print with Cloud QuickBooks

Efficient and hassle-free remote printing solution: Servers hosted on QuickBooks Cloud give you hassle-free printing capabilities. A modern printing solution allows you to print any documents, reports, invoices or orders directly to one of your local printers.

Extremely Customizable Setup

The hosting provider will set up your hosted QuickBooks server so that you, as an auditor, can see all your personal files alongside all of your customers’ data. However, your clients will only be able to view their personal data. According to your requirements, they will install and activate all other software and tools on the same server. Email, payroll, commercial services, time tracking and most other powerful tools will be set up for you on the same hosted QuickBooks server.

About Quickbooks

If you’re just about to start working with quickbooks, you might be interested in our product description providing all important details about the functionality of the Quickbooks accounting software.

QuickBooks is explicitly aimed at the small business environment and is therefore primarily aimed at small companies and start-ups. Similar to Wave and Zoho Books, however, the tool is not designed with the German market in mind and therefore does not include a DATEV or ELSTER interface, which could be an exclusion criterion for German companies.

Functional Scope

QuickBooks comes with all the necessary standard features that an accounting software should include:

  • Tracking of income and expenses via bank account linkage
  • Create invoices, quotations and documents from templates
  • Send offers and invoices from within the tool
  • Management of invoices as invoice overview with reminder function for outstanding payments
  • Accounting reports (income statement, cash flow analysis, etc.)
  • Document management (together with document scanner as mobile app)
  • Tax consultant access

All relevant data and features of QuickBooks are stored in the cloud platform to enable cross-device access. In addition, there are export functions to export and pass on important financial data in .csv format. What is currently still missing are features such as:

  • OCR/text recognition for the document scanner to automatically insert scanned documents
  • a DATEV interface
  • an ELSTER interface (German Tax System) for the advance return for tax on sales/purchases

The last two points in particular could represent an exclusion criterion for German companies. Since QuickBooks is not a platform developed in Germany, these standards of German accounting solutions are unfortunately missing.


Working with QuickBooks can be a bit “clunky” and some users complain about the contraintuitive menu navigation of the tool. Although the user interface makes a modern, fresh and manageable impression and looks quite good, the interface lacks clarity at times. For example, the fact that “Customers” and “Invoices” are only underriders in the “Sales” tab and are not directly accessible from the start page seems a little strange. Tools like paperwork are clearly in the lead! The fact that the user interface is only available in English is also no plus and makes the handling even more complex. Therefore, adjust to a certain training period until you have got used to the menu navigation.

secretary using QuickbooksOn the other hand, QuickBooks looks better when it comes to apps and clients. The provider offers desktop clients for Windows and Mac as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.
The latter are each equipped with a receipt scanner, with the help of which you can easily photograph receipts and invoices with your mobile phone and store them as image files in the software.

Too bad: In contrast to certain other programs, QuickBooks does not automatically read the image files. You therefore have to enter the document data manually into the system.


QuickBooks is a real wonder when it comes to connecting third-party software. According to the provider, the tool comes with over 500 integrations. These are constantly updated and checked for relevance. Some of the most important interfaces:

  • Payment platforms: Payment providers such as PayPal and Stripe are linked to QuickBooks as standard. Thus, payments can also be tracked via these channels, which is particularly interesting for online shops and other online-based companies
  • Text recognition: The Expensify document scanner is considered to be one of the most powerful on the market and slightly compensates for the lack of text recognition for the mobile QuickBook apps.
  • Time Tracking: Temponia and other time tracking apps help you to link time recording directly with invoicing in order- and project-based companies.

CRM systems or the shop platform Magento can also be integrated into QuickBooks. To enumerate all possible interfaces would go beyond the scope here. Especially since the Zapier integration, which is also available, makes it possible to add your own interfaces with a little manual work.

Prices and Plans

QuickBooks are available in three price packages. These are called “Simple Start”, “Essentials” and “Plus” and are functionally based on each other:

  • Simple Start: The smallest price package gives you the rudimentary functions of an accounting software. In Simple Start you mainly manage your income and expenses (plus VAT) and create and send invoices. The package is designed for one user, plus one account for your accountant.
  • Essentials: QuickBooks Essentials provides you with features beyond the functionality of Simple Start, such as managing and paying incoming invoices and converting them into foreign currencies, making it suitable for internationally active companies. The package is designed for three users; an access for your tax consultant is also integrated here.
  • Plus: The largest price package also includes functions for warehouse and product management and lets you inventory your stock, create orders and manage suppliers. A total of 25 users can work simultaneously with this software package.

Each package can be tested free of charge and without obligation during a 30-day trial period before you decide on a subscription.

If you commit yourself to QuickBooks for 12 months, you can save massively. There is a 70 percent discount (!) for you if you choose annual billing.

You can find more information on pricing the tool in the comprehensive QuickBooks cost overview.
Service and Support

When it comes to support, QuickBooks is a double-edged sword: First of all, there is no email support. The telephone support provided is very comprehensive and includes service times from 12 o’clock at night to 5 o’clock in the evening – the service times result from the time zone in which the QuickBooks support team is located. Personal support will therefore only take place in English. Previous users also complained about the sometimes longer waiting times in the hotline.


Overall, QuickBooks from Intuit is a mixed tool. Although the most important functions and features are available, they are hard to spot in the sometimes confusing (but very pretty) interface, so that you will have to accept a certain amount of training time and a lot of trial-and-error until you can use the software safely. The comprehensive QuickBooks help portal, which explains the most important functions, will help you. Unfortunately this – like all support – is only available in English.

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