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Best VPS With Unlimited Bandwidth

With so many web hosting options, it’s probably not easy for you to choose a provider. An important criterion for web hosting is bandwidth. Before you decide on a tariff with an Internet service provider, you should make sure that a high bandwidth is guaranteed.

What Does The Term Bandwidth Mean?

The bandwidth gives you information about the maximum amount of traffic that can be transferred between the Internet and your Internet presence within a certain period of time. The maximum bandwidth a provider can offer you is determined by the Internet connection and internal and external connections, for example to the data centers. Providers offer you a variety of choices. Bandwidth is usually expressed in bits per second.

Network Capabilities And Bandwidth

The Internet consists of countless computers that are connected to each other within networks. The amount of bandwidth available depends on the size of the network connection. If you are using a DSL connection, you should have at least 1.54 Megabit bandwidth available. The dedicated bandwidth is between your Internet provider and your computer or mobile device.

unlimited VPSAt a single location, your Internet provider can operate thousands of DSL connections. All connections are collected at the web hosting company. Your provider has one or even several dedicated connections to the Internet. However, these connections are many times more powerful than your DSL connection. A provider must have sufficient bandwidth so that it can serve the requirements of its customers.

While it provides you with a bandwidth of 1.54 MB, the provider can, for example, provide you with a bandwidth of 255 MB to connect to the Internet. With a bandwidth of 255 MB, a web hosting company can meet the needs of 167 customers with 1.54 MB each.

What Is Bandwidth Important For?

In web hosting, bandwidth is particularly relevant when downloading and uploading files. The bandwidth limits the speed at which data can be transferred to your web server using an FTP program. As a rule of thumb you should remember: The higher the bandwidth is, the faster the transfer of data fromstatten.n goes.
How much bandwidth is sufficient for your website?

This question cannot be answered in general because your internet presence can be large or small. The size of your Internet presence is determined by the size and resolution, the amount of text and other files on your website. For example, the home page company can be 200 kilobytes (KB). This size is already considerable, since for example the homepage of Yahoo is only 70 KB.

Here are Examples of sufficient Bandwith for specific Applications:

Bandwidth for MineCraft
Bandwidth for Teamspeak / VoIP

Bandwidth Affects Web Hosting Prices

The bandwidth provided by a provider also affects the price you pay for a provider’s web hosting. That’s why you should take the time to think carefully about how much bandwidth you actually need. Most providers indicate the required amount of bandwidth in months. Therefore, you should take the time to estimate how much bandwidth your website needs each month.

Tips For Determining The Minimum Bandwidth

vps bandwidthIf you do not plan to offer files for download to the visitors of your homepage, you can simply calculate the optimal bandwidth with the following formula: average number of daily visitors x average page views x website size x 31 x avoidance factor.

If you want to offer visitors to your website to download files, you need to calculate the required bandwidth using the following formula: average number of daily visitors x average page size x average page views + average daily file downloads x file size (average) x avoidance factor x 31. If a visitor downloads an MP3 song from your website, it usually has a size of about 4 MB. As a wave file, the same song has a size of about 40 MB.

Downloading an MP3 music track can be very quick. A data exchange of 4 MB takes place between your website and the computer on which the song is downloaded. A complete feature film can even have a size of up to 1 GB.

The majority of small and private websites consume a maximum of 1 GB bandwidth per month. If, however, your website uses more bandwidth than you have contractually agreed with your provider, you must expect your web hosting company to charge you for overuse. Only after you have calculated or estimated how much bandwidth your website needs per month can you compare the offers of different web hosting providers and find the best offer for you.

Best VPS Packages With Unlimited Bandwidth

If you need to make sure to get the highest bandwidth possible – up to unlimited – our overview of the currently best offers of web hosting providers might be interesting for you. We compared the VPS packages with unlimited bandwidth feature of the best hosting providers.

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