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Dedicated Virtual Machine Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting For Comprehensive Web Projects

Your web project is growing? Both data transfer rates and visitor numbers are increasing? For demanding homepages, large Internet platforms and highly frequented websites with peak loads, it is worth renting your own root server. It doesn’t matter whether you want to run a large online shop or a gameserver.

Root in English means “root”, “origin” or “basis” and “root access” in server hosting means that you control the management of hardware resources completely and exclusively, as if the server were under your desk.

  • Powerful root servers at various equipment levels
  • unrestricted, professional web presence
  • many additional features to optimize performance
  • maximum security and top support

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  • max Storage: 75 GB
  • max Bandwidth: 2 TB
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  • max Storage: 320 GB
  • max Bandwidth: 10 TB
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  • max Storage: 3.8 TB
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Control Panel, Root Access
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What Speaks For A Root Server

Renting a dedicated virtual server is always a sensible option if you have to manage a large Internet presence. The best root server packages convince with these three features:

  • High flexibility: A root server differs from conventional web hosting in that the root sector can be modified. This is particularly advantageous for web projects based on very extensive software. Where you quickly reach the limits of conventional hosting services, the root server offers you all options to adapt the configuration of the server to the requirements of your project.
  • Best performance: A root server offers the advantage that you determine the hardware resources yourself and how you use them. In terms of a professional Internet presence, this means a gain in speed and reliability. The resources of CPU as well as RAM and hard disk space can be used completely and can be allocated individually by you.
  • Maximum control: You enjoy full administration rights and control your own server space – just as if the server were located in your own premises.

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Root Server As Virtual Or Dedicated Server

If you rent a root server, this offers you the greatest possible design freedom for all your web projects. Some well-known hosters offer you inexpensive root servers – both virtual and dedicated servers. Which model you prefer essentially depends on how large your budget is and how extensive your Internet project is to be. For smaller projects a V-Server is sufficient, larger projects are better served on a dedicated server, where for example the capacity of processor, network resources, web space and RAM is better designed for the fulfilment of this task.

No matter whether you choose a virtual or dedicated server for hosting: With most providers, you always have the choice between Windows and Linux for the operating system. Current versions of the operating systems and a large selection of distributions facilitate the administration and the best possible adaptation of the server to your needs.

Virtual Server: A Lot Of Power For Little Money

Benefit from high-performance SSD/HDD storage platforms and plenty of RAM. Thanks to encapsulation, modern hosting providers can assure you of these values even though you share a physical server with other customers. Benefit from a low price in this way! Here are some of the features that are often included with a virtual root server:

  • Monitoring Services Basic: Your server is monitored around the clock. If an error occurs or a failure occurs, you will be informed immediately on request.
  • RecoveryManager: The RecoveryManager provides you with access to the server even if normal access is no longer possible. Choose a provider that does not incur any waiting times or additional costs in this case.

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Dedicated Server: More Space And More Freedom

With dedicated root servers, all the resources of a physical server are exclusively available to you. Not only do you enjoy full flexibility and security, but a dedicated root server also guarantees fast and smooth running applications. Depending on the server level, AMD or Intel processors are installed. For the optimal backup of your data, all hard disks are located in a RAID network. Good hosting providers only work with leading hardware manufacturers.

For example, a storage structure is developed on the basis of network appliance systems, which guarantees the permanent availability of data. Numerous features can often be flexibly added, some are even included with dedicated root servers.

Here is a selection of the standard optional and inclusive services:

  • FTP backup: Create backups on an external server.
  • Traffic Control: With TrafficControl you can keep track of which traffic is running monthly on your server. The detailed statistics are especially useful when there are deviations from normal operation. In this way, you can react quickly to unexpected changes.
  • RemoteConsole: Among other things, RemoteConsole displays all messages that are issued when the server is restarted. This will help you track down problems such as when your server no longer starts.

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Free Root Server?

Many providers, where you can rent different servers, lure with free root server offers. However, these free usage contracts usually have a limited duration. Or you have to do without additional functions, have a traffic limit, only little RAM or similar restrictions more, which have a more or less negative effect on the success of your web project depending on its size. Support is also sometimes not included in such offers – this can quickly become a problem for less experienced administrators.

Convincing features and good services come at a price. With reasonable hosting providers you can rent cheap root servers, which are worth their money due to the extensive range of services.

You can choose from various root server packages so that you only rent as much space and power as you actually need.

  • Quality: Good vendors only use powerful processors from Intel or AMD. This allows you to rent a root server with an excellent, very efficient and reliable technical basis.
  • Security: The security concept of a good hosting provider is comparable to that of insurance companies and banks that store very sensitive data. It includes, among other things, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in the event of an emergency; state-of-the-art fire protection systems.
  • Flexibility: Both the type of server and the desired operating system can be selected by you. The different root server packages offer the right level of performance for every need. In addition, you can tailor your server precisely to your needs using optional additional features.
  • Performance: If several servers are used, some of which run very high data traffic, several options are available to ensure consistently high server performance. For example, applications such as Load Balancer can distribute server requests across multiple systems. You can also connect multiple servers to a private network.
  • Freedom: You have full root access and all administrative freedoms.

Comparison Of Dedicated Server Hosting Offers

We tried to find the best and most reliable vm hosting services on the market. Among dozens of web hosting providers we detected the most reliable services with the best price-performance ratio. Check our comparison table for details.

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