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Best Linux Virtual Private Server Hosting

Advantages and Features of Linux Web Hosting

If you are looking for a distribution for your Linux server, you are spoilt for choice due to the enormous variety. Due to the modular structure of the system, Linux can be extended individually and adapted exactly to one’s own needs. Especially due to its reliability, stability and performance, the operating system is preferably used in the server sector.

Linux is excellently suited as a web server environment, mainly the software Apache or Nginx is used for it. Through the perfect support of script languages such as PHP, Perl, Python or CGI as well as the use of database systems such as MySQL or PostgreSQL, all online projects from a small private website to professional online shop systems can be implemented under Linux.

For the use on a Linux web hosting there are also numerous open source applications available, including content management systems, forum software or e-commerce solutions. The configuration of the webspace package can be done by the customer himself via an integrated administration software like cPanel or Confixx. Since there are no license costs, Linux web hosting packages are usually offered at lower prices.

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Comparison of Linux Server Distributions

If you are looking for a distribution for your Linux server, you are spoilt for choice due to the enormous variety. Most good hosters offer four distributions for Linux servers. We offer the operating systems CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and openSUSE for both dedicated Linux servers and V servers with Linux. All Distros are connected by the fact that they have very good documentation on the Internet on sites like ServerAnbieter. But how do they differ?

Linux VPS

Linux server with Ubuntu: High User-Friendliness

UbuntuUbuntu Linux servers are among the most popular operating systems among distros. A special feature of Ubuntu is its high user-friendliness, which allows even beginners to quickly get to grips with the system. In addition, Ubuntu is considered to be very stable and supports multimedia content particularly well. In addition, Ubuntu is equipped with a software center that allows users to install free software without a terminal. For your Linux server you can usually choose between different versions, i.e 14.04. and 16.04. Like most distributions, Ubuntu is based on Debian.

Debian Linux server: The classic

Debian is one of the oldest free operating systems and is based on the Linux kernel and the essential system tools of the GNU Project. It has been developed and tested over many years and is the most widely used server Linux in Germany today, mainly because of its stability and reliability. It is very adaptable thanks to various graphical interfaces (e.g. Gnome, Xfce and KDE) and a simple installation program. Debian is also suitable for beginners, but requires some Linux know-how to work properly.

CentOS Linux Server: Compatible with Red Hat Enterprise

CentosCentOS (“Community Enterprise Operating System”) is based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) distribution from Red Hat. All CentOS programs work with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and vice versa, as both operating systems are binary compatible with each other. This means that software can run flawlessly on both operating systems without having to completely rebuild the application. Large companies and organizations in particular benefit from CentOS and frequently use this distro because they do not have to buy numerous licenses for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In contrast to Red Hat, CentOS is an open source system that makes it possible to use various RHEL applications and security features free of charge on the Linux server.

OpenSUSE Server: Central administration

OpensuseOpenSUSE is particularly widespread in Germany and is characterized by being a user-friendly and stable operating system. openSUSE is also open source software, so you can use the system without any restrictions and adapt it to your individual requirements. A special feature is the YaST installation and configuration tool. With this tool, users can install, configure and administer their Linux system from a central location. Other features include the SUSE Support Database and the SUSE Component Database, which provide detailed information and tips for managing the system.


A Linux Ubuntu server impresses above all by its high user friendliness. Ubuntu also makes multimedia content easier to use.
Most distributions, such as Ubuntu, are based on Debian. Debian is the most widely used because of its stability and reliability, but it also requires more expertise.

Applications and features from the commercial distribution Red Hat Enterprise Linux can be used free of charge thanks to its binary compatibility with CentOS.

OpenSUSE is very widespread, especially in Germany. With YaST, you can easily manage your Linux operating system centrally.

Linux VPS Provider Comparison

In order to find the best Linux vps hosting plans, we compared similar packages of the best VPS providers on the market. No matter if you are searching for a cheap Linux VPS hosting or a fast Linux VPS with SSD – you can check the best offers of the most reasonable hosting services on this page.

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