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Best VPS For Crypto Trading Bots

Best vServers For Profit Trailer And Other Trading Bots

Profit Trailer (PT) is one of the most popular crypto trading bots. Other popular crypto trading bots are Gunbot, Haas Bot and CryptoTrader.

But what do these trading bot exactly do? Let’s have a look at the example of PT:

Basically, a bot is a program that takes over various tasks automatically. ProfitTrailer’s trading bid thus automatically takes over trading for you on the selected exchange. Simply said, he looks which coins (depending on your setting) are currently losing price, buys these coins and exchanges them back into BTC as soon as they are in the plus range.

ProfitTrailer also offers to test the bot with a demo version on the website at There you can form your own opinion without having to buy the bot.

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About Profit Trailer

Profit TrailerThe Profit Trailer is a Java application and does not need Java 8 (no higher or more envious). A classical installation is not necessary either. It is a portable application that can be executed at will. So to speak from a USB stick.

Now you can start the application on a PC or laptop or as recommended on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). A VPS is available at Hosteurope, Hetzner or other providers for e.g. 9,99 Euro per month.

A VPS is recommended because the profit trailer should run 24 hours a day in the best case and you don’t want to have a PC or laptop at home permanently in operation. For the first tests and walking attempts, a computer at home is of course also sufficient.

When buying the profit trailer you have to apply for a license for a stock exchange like Binance, Bittrex or Poloniex. If you want to trade on all three exchanges, you can also buy the license (of course for an extra charge) for all three exchanges.

I myself was already registered with Binance and could also read in the community that Binance should be the best stock exchange of the three due to the coin selection. However, I do not have a direct comparison.

Trading SuccessDuring the purchase of Profit Trailer it is mandatory to enter an API key of the respective stock exchange. This can be created in Binance with 2 clicks in your account settings and is then used for license verification for the profit trailer to prevent unwanted duplication. This API key must not be deleted in Binance, otherwise the PT will no longer work and the license will have to be changed by PT’s support. The exact license activation can be found in the detailed wiki of PT.

Once the first configuration is done and Java 8 is installed, the bot can be started via the file “ProfitTrailer.cmd”.

In the long run it becomes a bit confusing, but does not need the content of this window.

If errors occur, it also saves them in a log file.

Errors can be when a configuration is wrong or the exchange may have short dropouts. The second is not bad, the bot keeps trying and keeps its functionality. Especially Binance had a WebSocket error 3-4 times a day, which is absolutely not tragic as long as the bot continues to run.

The Settings For Automatic Trading

The settings so that the profit trailer acts automatically are mainly made in the files “” and “”.

The “” is for the basic settings and the “” for the settings for automatic re-purchase.

And this is exactly where some understanding and tact is needed. I myself wanted everything at the beginning and then immediately lost a few BTC. Of course, this is not in the spirit of the profit trailer. Here I post my settings, with which I make 1.50% to 3.00% profit every day. Please do me a favor and don’t buy settings online for expensive money. In the end, the wiki helps a lot and you get the desired result.

trader VPSAt this point I won’t go into the settings any further, but post mine here for free for everyone. You can also use other free settings you find online.

It should also be mentioned that the spelling of the settings varies slightly depending on the stock exchange and you have to be careful here. Also take care that you get the right mix of available funds to trade with and the setting for how much you want to buy and re-buy per coin. I have the purchase settings at “ALL_max_cost_percentage = 7.25”.

That means he buys a new possible coin for 7.25% of my credit. These settings can also be set with ALL_max_cost = 0.0035 to a fixed amount, so that he buys the respective coin for 0.0035 BTC.

But please just read the wiki here, so that all values are understood correctly!

My Opinion and the first Values

As already mentioned, I already did some BTC on minus. Now I have given my bot 0.25 BTC (today, 1.554,40 Euro) to play with. The following screenshots are unfortunately only available today, after I moved my bot to a new system where it can run 24 hours a day. Therefore, not everything is clearly visible. New pictures will follow in a new blog post.

So far the bot has an account balance of 0.3213566 BTC, which means a profit of 0.029657 BTC or 216.45 Euro. And that within 5 days !! – That’s quite a nice value, I think.

In my opinion, the best results are actually achieved after 3 pm. At this time the Americans and Asians are still active at German time. In my settings I have excluded several coins right from the start, because they are mostly Dump & Pump Coins, which shoot up briefly and then fall again enormously.

You should keep an eye on this list and update it with new coins if necessary. A small protection can be configured here and is described very nicely in the wiki.

Since most old coins rise and fall with the mother of all currencies the bitcoin, it happens of course that depending on the bitcoin price, the bought coins in pairs or DCA log times longer time red and thus in minus represented. Here I clearly recommend sitting this situation out and waiting for the market to recover. I also had a coin lying in the DCA for 12 hours before it could be sold again.

trading botThere is the possibility to sell a coin with minus manually via the Binance platform, but I do not recommend this. On the positive side, the profit trailer automatically recognizes and transfers the values even if you buy and sell manually.

The profit trailer brings a variety of strategies for selling and buying coins. I myself use the strategies GAIN (sale) and EMAGAIN (purchase). Here everyone must read themselves and find the optimal configuration for themselves (EMASPREAD, HIGHBB, GAIN, EMAGAIN, LOSS, SMAGAIN, EMACROSS, SMASPREAD, SMACROSS).

The aim of the PT is then to automatically trade based on the respective settings. That is, he buys coins with the Bitcoin credits that have just fallen. With me, for example, by -0.50% (ALL_buy_value = -.50) and tries to sell it again from a plus value of +0.80% (ALL_sell_value = 0.80). This may not sound like much, but it adds up to a pleasant sum over the day.

I particularly like the DCA log. All coins that fall further after the purchase, configured with -2% (ALL_DCA_enabled = -2.0), end up in the DCA. Depending on the further course of events, coins are purchased there at a significantly lower price than on the first purchase. The sales value for me is then also +1.50%. Here, however, you have to play a little with the values in order to find the optimal way for your starting balance. It should be prevented that coins are constantly bought in the DCA and then no more credit is available for the further purchase.

But there is also a protection via the setting (ALL_min_buy_balance), with which you can define how much credit in % should still remain available for normal use.

As you can see, there are quite a few settings to configure your bot optimally.

So What’s The Best VPS For Profit Trailer Bot?

VPS is the abbreviation for Virtual Private Server and describes a complex procedure of server sharing, which offers some advantages over the classic method of providing web space packages through a provider. Our VPS price comparison informs you about the different offers of the providers and helps you to find your way in the confusing market of the many providers.

server roomThe provision of web space for a customer normally means for the provider configuring virtual directories on a single web server. Every customer now stores his data and program code, from which his personal web presence is built, in the directories accessible only to him.

However, all services required to display web pages, build databases and execute program code, such as web servers, database servers and other services, run only once on each web server and are therefore used by all customers at the same time.

Thus, a large number of customers share the performance of the server. If some users consume too much power, there may not be enough power available for other customers on the same server. This can lead to errors on the website caused by overloading the database or the web server.

It is even worse if a service fails or a new version of software has to be installed. The effects of such a process affect all customers whose purchased web space is located on the respective server. This disadvantage does not exist with the systems presented in the VPS price comparison.

These are based on the provision of several virtual machines on one server. This means that a separate execution environment can be set up for each customer. Each of these environments has its own operating system, memory and hard disk capacity. These resources are completely independent of those of other users.

Servers, as seen in the VPS price comparison, thus increase the security of the system and improve the overall performance through the optimal and even distribution of hardware resources. VPS limits the impact of failures and updates to a few users and does not affect all customers equally.

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