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Best VPS For SEO Tools

If you want to run very special server applications like SEO tools, a dedicated server is the best option. Instead of a dedicated server, a virtual server (vServer) is advisable in most cases:

With vServers, the computing resources can be much better adapted to the resources actually used. Also vServers can be more fail-safe if you are with a good provider. A hardware failure can paralyze a dedicated server for hours, while vServers (depending on the vendor) can move to another physical server within seconds.

In this article we show you the advantages and disadvantages of having your own server on the Internet.

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Advantages Of Your Own VPS For SEO Tools

An VPS / vServer for SEO tool hosting has the following advantages:

  • Operation of any server applications: For shared webhosting and managed servers you have to use the server software provided by the provider. Installation of own server applications, e.g. a Redis server, is normally not possible. This is also the main reason why some decide to run their own server after all.
  • Better performance through individual configurations: Shared web hosting and managed servers usually come with a configuration that can be used flexibly for as many customers as possible. Special adaptations are not possible. If one has the knowledge, one can get a clear performance plus from the configuration of the server applications. But if you leave the configuration in the factory setting, the shot can go backwards: For example, you should make some settings in MySQL to get a fast database server. Without these adjustments, the MySQL server may be very slow, slower than managed servers.
  • Server caching mechanisms: Caching mechanisms are often quite limited for shared web hosting / managed servers. If you understand your business application, you can get a considerable performance plus by using the appropriate caching mechansim. Popular caching mechanisms for web applications are e.g. Varnish or Fastcgi-Cache from nginx. However, setting up the caching mechanisms can require some technical knowledge.

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Dedicated Server vs. Virtual Server vs. Cloud Server

For your own server you can choose between the following variants:

  • Dedicated server: With a dedicated server, you own a physical server in the provider’s data center. You can use the complete hardware power for your applications. Good dedicated servers are available from 40 USD / month.
  • Virtual server: With virtual servers (vServer) several virtual servers are operated on one physical server. This means that servers with fewer resources can also be booked. For example, at inmotionhosting you can get good vServers from about 29 USD per month, which I use myself for some projects.
  • Cloud Server: The boundary between virtual and cloud servers is fluid: cloud servers, e.g. Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud, are also virtual servers. Cloud servers, however, are usually characterized by the fact that performance is billed on an hourly or per-minute basis. You should also be able to easily increase or decrease the capacity of the server.

In most cases we recommend VPS or cloud servers. This is due to the disadvantages of dedicated servers:

  • The required computing power (CPU, RAM and hard disk) must usually be known in advance. A change is not so easy due to long contract terms and sometimes high setup fees.
  • An expansion / reduction of the computing power often means that you get a new server in the data center. You will have to set up this new server again and migrate your data.
  • Hardware problems: If hardware problems occur on the server, this usually means longer downtimes. Because first the hardware problem must be solved, before your server is again at the net. Similar to a home PC, you can have bad luck and catch a server where the hardware often breaks down.

You don’t have these problems with good vServers / Cloud servers offers. Many vendors have started to offer short runtimes, e.g. there are many vServer vendors that charge on an hourly or even minute basis. An extension or reduction of the computing resources is often simply possible. This expansion / reduction often works with minimal disruption of your server, because the virtual machine just needs more resources to be allocated. This saves you from having to reinstall the server or migrate the data.

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Since you don’t have a fixed physical server at VPS / Cloud Servers, you can react much better to hardware problems. Professional cloud providers simply move the vServers to another physical server in case of hardware problems. In case of a hardware failure, your server is only unreachable for a few seconds, while a hardware failure on your dedicated server can paralyze it for hours.

vServers / VPS used to have a negative image because the computing resources had to be shared with all customers. If you are unlucky, the vServer of another customer consumes a lot of resources and your server becomes slow.

However, the virtualization software has evolved considerably over time, so that the good vendors can guarantee your vServer a certain performance. Extreme performance drops or fluctuations are rarely or never noticed. Unfortunately, it is still a problem with cheap vServers that too many vServers share the same physical server. Here it can come to a bad performance in peak times.

Comparison Of VPS For SEO Tool Hosting

We searched for the best VPs offers among the most reliable hosting providers for self-hosting search engine optimisation tools like SEO Powersuite, GSA Search Engine Ranker, Scrapebox or other advanced software for professional SEOs. Check the comparison table for the most reasonable VPS packages and the best price-performance ratio.

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