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Best VPS For Teamspeak

Gaming At A Higher Level

Communication is the key to success: What applies in daily life also applies to online games. In intensive multiplayer battles, good coordination is vital for the team to survive. Therefore, it is not enough just to rely on the chat. If you want to play successfully, you have to talk to each other. Either you use the microphone integrated in laptops or you play with a headset – virtual surround sound and bass control included.

The hardware is one thing – but for error-free and pleasant communication with several participants you also need the appropriate software. Teamspeak 3 – TS3 for short – is such a program that you can talk to your fellow players about.

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With An Own vServer For Teamspeak You Get

  • Clear communication thanks to first-class sound, 3D sound effects and text messages
  • variable number of participants: individual conversations are just as possible as chats with several thousand participants
  • Upload files and share with other players
  • Privacy and security: No tracking of conversations and optional encryption of the server or individual channels
  • many possibilities of personalization, for example by plug-ins

What Exactly Is TS3?

TS3 is a program for verbal communication. It is used as a language medium in a variety of online games. Players can use it to communicate faster and more efficiently, develop strategies and react directly to the changing course of the game. TS3 is ideal for games such as Conan Exiles or Unturned as well as for large clans and guilds in games such as World of Warcraft or Counter-Strike. Beside the high user friendliness there are a lot of features that make Teamspeak 3 the most popular communication program in the gamer community. If you want to rent a game server, then you will surely be convinced by the advantages of Teamspeak as well.

Gamer with Headphones

If you want to download Teamspeak for your server, you have to distinguish between one of two versions, the client and the server. The first version is needed by everyone who wants to connect via a server. So if one of your friends plans to rent a server for TS3, you only need the client software and the connection data to the server. The situation is different if you want to run the program yourself: Then download the suitable server variant as a game server and install it. Then pass on the Teamspeak data to everyone you want to welcome in the voice chat.

If you rent a server especially for TS3 and install the server software, you also have all administrative rights. This means that you create new channels, set rules and assign ranks. The latter allows you to permanently block unwanted users or give moderation rights to certain players. Create different channels or rooms to filter participants by individual games. So different conversations take place parallel on your server, without the players disturbing each other.

If you’re a passionate gamer who likes to play with friends, it’s worth renting your own TS3 server. Although a voice conference via Skype would serve the same purpose, Teamspeak uses much less bandwidth, which ultimately benefits the gaming experience.

The Highlights Of Communication About Teamspeak

With TS3, automatic microphone volume control and background noise and echo filtering ensure clear sound for every conversation. In addition, a 3D sound effect allows for better orientation in the communication between several participants: For example, it is possible to place a Teamspeak host in the virtual sound space in front of the other participants or to distribute players around one’s own position. This makes it easier to identify who is saying what.

Advantages Of An Own TS3 Server


There are many reasons to rent a Teamspeak server. The most important of course is that you have more control over the general conditions of the game. When you create your Teamspeak server, this does not only apply to the communication within the game, but also to the selection and number of players.

If you create your TS3 server and use a dedicated server for it, you have considerably more capacity available than if you use your home computer as a gameserver. For TS3 server hosting, this means that you can allow a large number of players and can rely on the server always being online.

Another advantage is that you can share the cost of the TS3 server with your fellow players. This makes the project even cheaper, but it is also possible to operate such a server alone, because the rent is only a few euros per month.

How To Install Teamspeak Under Windows

  • Download the current server version of the software here.
  • Unzip the file and double-click on “ts3server_win32.exe” or “ts3server_win64.exe”. This will open a window with your login name, password and the server admin token. Save this data in a text file.
  • Now open the Windows firewall and create two new rules under Incoming rules: Enter TCP as port and “10011” for certain local ports. Apply this rule to domain, private, and public networks. Then create another rule for the UDP port. Enter “9987” as the local port.
  • Then start the Teamspeak 3 server and enter the token stored in the text file.

So that other players can use your Teamspeak server, please always stay logged in. Otherwise the game will always end for all others when you stop playing. Close the application without logging out.

installing teamspeak software

How To Install Teamspeak Under Linux

Note: For security reasons TS3 should not be started as root (administrator).

  • Under Ubuntu, first create a new user named “teamspeak” by typing “sudo adduser teamspeak” into the terminal. With “su teamspeak” you switch to the new user.
  • Now download the appropriate version for your system with wget.
  • Then extract the file with “tar -xzf teamspeak3-server_linux-x86.tar.gz” and change to the newly created folder. To do this, enter “cd /ts3/teamspeak3-server_linux-x86”.
  • Start the server with the command “./ start”.

How To Assign Rights In Teamspeak 3

Teamspeak generates an individual authorization key (“token”) and a public key for each user. Teamspeak creates a user ID from the latter, which can be used to uniquely assign users. In this way you ensure that users banned to a channel cannot gain access again under a different name.

At the first start you will be prompted to use a token. As the server admin, simply click on Use token under the Rights tab. It is best to store this token in a safe place.

In the token manager you can assign users to different groups with different rights. Via the Add token option you can create a new token and specify to which group the user should belong. Then you simply send the token by e-mail to your friends. With a non-profit license you can increase the number of possible users from 32 to 512. Register for it here.

Bottom Line

  • Simplified communication with high-quality sound
  • Many possibilities of sound design
  • Control over the number of callers
  • High security standards and privacy
  • Control over the framework conditions of the game
  • High capacity for a game with many participants

Best VPS Servers For Teamspeak

We have taken the trouble to search for the best offers regarding Teamspeak self-hosting on VPS servers. On this page you find the best hosting providers with the most reasonable VPS packages.

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